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Exclusive Forex VPS Affiliate Program

Earn Well by Referring - Receive Monthly Recurring Commissions.

Start the Program in Four Quick Steps


Fast and Simple Sign-Up Process

Complete your sign-up in under a minute at no cost. Get verified and access your affiliate dashboard immediately.


Receive Your Exclusive Link

Obtain a unique referral link created specifically for you by us.


Spread the Word

Post your affiliate link on your website, blog, forums, emails, or social media channels.


Earn Commissions

Earn your commission for each payment your referral makes towards our hosting plans.

Earn Up to 10% Recurring Commission Every Month

Our unique affiliate program rewards you with a 10% commission each month for ongoing purchases or renewals made by your referrals. Enjoy a steady income stream for as long as they use our services.

Thousands Rely on Our Brand

Join our affiliate program and rest assured of fair rewards based on your referees’ expenditure on our services. You drive the sales, we provide the rewards. It’s all gain, zero risk.

Support for our New Affiliates

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Explore our range of logos, banners, and advertisement graphics available for your marketing use.

Visit the FAQ section to see if it has the answer to your query.

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Terms & Conditions
Review the Terms and Conditions in detail for your peace of mind. Visit the FAQ section to see if it has the answer to your query.

Our Commitment to You

Earnings Protection

Dedicated to the highest standards of data security, we guarantee the safety of all your earnings.

Earnings Monitoring

Easily access and review your earnings and monthly performance through our intuitive dashboard.

Prompt Payment Process

We ensure that your withdrawal requests are processed and paid out within 3 days.

Starter Resources

Start your affiliate marketing journey with us equipped with logos, ad banners, posters, and more.

Ready to Affiliate with Us?

Join our beneficial affiliate program and get comprehensive support and tools, guiding you to success with every referral


  • What does the affiliate program of Forex VPS entail?
    Forex VPS offers an affiliate program that allows you to generate passive income by endorsing our brand and hosting services. As an affiliate, you will earn a 10% commission on the purchases or renewals of hosting plans made by those you refer to us. Simply put, you help us drive sales, and we compensate you generously.
  • How is Forex VPS's affiliate program unique?
    The distinctive feature of our affiliate program is the provision of a recurring commission to our affiliates each time their referred customer completes a transaction with us. Essentially, this program creates an ongoing source of passive income for you.
  • Does joining Forex VPS’s affiliate program require any fees?
    No. It is free to sign up!
  • Is technical expertise required to participate in Forex VPS's affiliate program?
    No, there is no need for any technical skills or knowledge.
  • What are the steps to begin?
    To start, log in to your client area and select "Affiliate" from the top menu to find your unique referral link. If you're a new user, you can sign up here.
  • What are appropriate platforms for sharing my affiliate link?
    Your affiliate link can be shared on various platforms including:
    - Facebook News Feed, Pages, or Groups
    - Your personal or business website
    - Blogs
    - Online forums
    - Email lists
    - Web Hosting Talk forum
    - Different social media platforms
    - Any other platform where you engage with an audience
  • Am I able to obtain a personal coupon code?
    Certainly, you can. Please initiate your request by opening a ticket here.
  • Can I access marketing materials to help promote Forex VPS?
    Certainly, you can access our marketing materials by clicking here.
  • What does a unique referral link mean?
    A unique referral link is a specific link provided to you by us when you join as an affiliate. Each affiliate receives a distinct link, ensuring no two are alike. This unique identifier allows us to track which affiliate referred which new customer.
  • How do I obtain my unique referral link?
    To get your unique referral link, log in to your client area and select "Affiliate" from the upper menu bar. This will give you access to your link. If you're a new user, you can sign up here.
  • What does recurring commission mean?
    Recurring commission refers to a sum credited to your affiliate account each time your referred customer either purchases or renews one of their hosting plans.
  • What is the potential earning through this program?
    The exciting aspect of our affiliate program is that there's no cap on your earnings. You'll continuously earn rewards for each purchase or renewal of hosting plans made by those you refer to us, with no upper limit
  • How is the spending of my referees monitored?
    We employ cookies on our website to track both the purchasers of our services and their referrers. This allows us to maintain a record of all purchases made within the past 90 days.
  • How can I view my total earnings?
    To see your total earnings, log in to your client area and click on 'Affiliate' in the upper menu bar. Additionally, we will send you monthly performance reports via email, providing a detailed breakdown of your earnings for each month.
  • What is the timeframe for commission deposits into my affiliate account?
    Commissions are credited to your affiliate account 30 days following a payment made by your referee for any of our hosting services. This delay is implemented as a measure to prevent fraudulent orders.
  • What are the payment options for receiving my earnings?
    You have the option to receive your payments either as cash or as credit to your account. The money can be transferred to your bank account, your PayPal account, or added to your credit balance, depending on your preference.
  • What's the lowest amount eligible for withdrawal?
    The minimum amount you can withdraw is $25.
  • What is the processing time for withdrawing my earnings?
    Once you submit a withdrawal request, our billing team will complete the payout within 3 days.
  • What is the policy if a referee cancels their hosting plan within the first 30 days?
    Our hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing clients to cancel their plan anytime within this period. If your referred customer cancels their plan within these 30 days, the commission allocated to you for that referral will be revoked.
  • What happens if my referee makes a purchase without using my affiliate link?
    In such a case, you won't receive the commission. It's essential for your referee to use your provided affiliate link for their purchase. This is necessary for our system to accurately verify and attribute the referee to you.
  • Am I permitted to use my referral link for my own or my company's purchases?
    Using your own affiliate link for personal or your company's purchases is not allowed. If this occurs, your affiliate account will be terminated and any accrued commissions will be forfeited.
  • How can I access the terms and conditions of Forex VPS's affiliate program?
    You can find and read the terms and conditions of our affiliate program by clicking here.